Hints, Tips and Tricks – How to be an Awesome Teacher

There aren’t many careers throughout the history of the world that can be classed as ‘noble’. It takes a certain type of character to give and give and give their entire career, and have little to no expectation of recognition for the time, effort and emotion given to the job. 

Being a teacher is a noble career. 

But how do teachers do it? What special skills do they need to make their students actually learn? What is the magic sauce? 

One thing is for sure – doing it without help, collaboration or development is pure madness. 

We will be gathering many different tips, hints and tricks from around the world in an effort to help out teachers become masters of their profession. 

Learn from those who have taught. Less trial = less error. Find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

So below are:

– our top tips
– top tips we’ve found (external links)

The Best Tips and Tricks for Teachers

Our Top Tips

External Top Tips

Top 10 Basic Classroom Tips

Whether you are a seasoned teacher or hot off the production line, every teacher will need to get back to basics at some stage. Check these top tips and get the foundations right

10 More Tips on being an Awesome Teacher

Mastered the basics? Check this list to go to the next level.